• Depth melt-blown filter cartridge
    D series depth melt blown filter cartridge is designed to have more porous surface and changing micron rates from surface to the core, thus have longer service life. The micron rates are set carefully to make meet the different sediment removal rates.
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  • High flow pleated filter cartridges
    High Flow pleated filter cartridge with 6" diameter and different end caps, usual lengths are 40" and 60", absolute rated 0.5micron, 1micron, 5micron, 10micron, 20micron, 50micron and 100micron, it's used as high capacity sediment filter for desalination and industrial applications.
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  • RFC series Radial Flow water filter cartridge
    RFC series Radial Flow filter cartridge is made of melt blown inner & outer layer with adsorption media (usually GAC) in between, it removes sediments as well as organic pollution from water.
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  • Cotton string wound filter cartridge
    Cotton sting wound filter cartridges with high temperature nature, the yarn is degreased cotton or bleached cotton, the inner core is stainless steel or tin plate, usually for hot water and food oil processing like palm oil, soy oil and vinegar, etc.
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  • Grooved Polypropylene Sediment Filter
    Grooved polypropylene sediment filter cartridges are large diameter melt blown filters with end caps and grooved surface. It's designed for whole house and commercial water filter as sediment filters.
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  • MCB series Molded carbon block filter cartridge
    MCB series molded carbon block filter is made of PAC (powdered activated carbon) and polyester fiber, with high adsorbtion capacity and long service life. Molded blocking method results in lower carbon fine release and higher efficiency.
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