• 800GPD tankless reverse osmosis system
    SF151 series tankless reverse osmosis system has a sleek main body, can be manufactured as 800GPD or 600GPD, with two color options and various of smart display and style options with front cover, smart display faucet is available.
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  • Replacement filter cartridges for tankless RO system
    Replacement filter cartridge for tankless reverse osmosis system is a type of composite filter cartridge with quick-connect design, including composite replacement filter, CB replacement filter, CF replacement filter and RO membrane cartridge. Every series of tankless RO system has its own dedicated replacement filters.
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  • CFP series Activated carbon fiber pleated filter cartridge
    CFP series filter cartridge uses high efficient ACF(activated carbon fiber) pleated media as outer layer and melt blown filter as inner layer, it removes both organic pollutants and sediments with very low pressure drop.
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  • 3 stage UF water filter
    3 stage UF water filter consists of a sediment filter, a UF filter and an activated carbon filter, it removes sand, silt, bacteria organic pollutant and disinfection residues, with zero wastewater discharge.
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  • TDS Meter
    TDS meter is a tester measures total dissolved solids(minerals, salts or metals) in water, TDS-3 has one screen and three buttons on its face, one clip on its back, very simple to use and carry. Comes with a leather case to protect it from damages, ideal for home and commercial water quality checking and monitoring.
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  • Pleated polyester filter cartridge
    Pleated polyester filter cartridge is made of polyester media by pleating and joining the media to rubber gaskets, the inner core is made of ABS or PVC, with the end caps molded on both sides. The outer diameters is as wide as 197mm, with size options of 40, 90 and 170. Widely used for swimming pool and spa water filtration, pre-RO and other water filtration. 
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