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  • SFW standard string wound filter cartridges-PE/cotton
    String wound filter cartridges made of cotton string or PE string, with stainless steel or tin plate core, use as high temperature liquid filter replacement such as palm oil filtering and soy oil filter.
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  • Carbon block bottle filter - A
    Carbon block filters for filtered water bottle.
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  • Carbon filter for water treatment
    Carbon water filter is a series of water treatment filter cartridge with black body, compatible with universal 10" and 20" filter housings, 2.5"x10", 2.5"x17" and 2.5"x20" in size.
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  • UDF/GAC granular activated carbon filter cartridge 4.5" Big Blue
    4.5" diameter UDF GAC granular activated carbon filter cartridges are also known as large diameter and big blue filter cartridges, this type is refillable with standard size of 4.5"x10" and 4.5"x20", compatible with most standard big blue filter housings, the carbon is NSF certified coconut shell carbon.
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  • FRP filter tank
    FRP filter tank is commonly used as vessel of sand filter, carbon filter and ion exchange filter. We provide various of standard sizes in different color options at competitive cost.
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  • Glass fiber string wound filter cartridge
    Glass fiber string wound filter is made of fiberglass yarn (also called baked glass fiber) and stainless steel inner core, the structure is same as string wound filter, it is used for high corrosive or high temperature liquid filtration, with standard 10", 20", 30" and 40", micron rate of 0.5-100 microns, manufactured in China.
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