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UF filters and systems

  • 3 stage UF water filter
    3 stage UF water filter consists of a sediment filter, a UF filter and an activated carbon filter, it removes sand, silt, bacteria organic pollutant and disinfection residues, with zero wastewater discharge.
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  • Faucet water filter cartridge
    This faucet filter cartridge is replacement cartridge of faucet filter system, it combines UF filter and activated carbon filter to remove chlorine and bacteria from tap water.
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  • Marine / RV water filter
    Water filter designed for boat, ship and RV, with UF membrane, granular activated carbon and mineral balls to eliminate bacteria, remove / reduce odor, taste and organic pollutants, and mineral balls to adjust pH and raise minerals for the distilled water. With 3/4" universal inlet / outlet ports, easy to be installed, replaced or removed, and metal housing well adapt to impacts in moving kitchens of vehicles, boats and ships.
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