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Inline & Quick-connect Water Filter

  • IL series In-line Water Filter cartridges
    In-line water filter preplacement is usually used as post filters (T33) of household RO systems, the core of in-line filter can be made of sediment filter, granular activated carbon, carbon block or mineral balls. We use only NSF certified activated carbon.
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  • Carbon block bottle filter - A
    Carbon block filters for filtered water bottle.
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  • Replacement filter cartridges for tankless RO system
    Replacement filter cartridge for tankless reverse osmosis system is a type of composite filter cartridge with quick-connect design, including composite replacement filter, CB replacement filter, CF replacement filter and RO membrane cartridge. Every series of tankless RO system has its own dedicated replacement filters.
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  • 1812 series RO Membrane Element
    RO membrane element for POU household water filter systems, replacement RO membrane element for water purifier, manufactured in China, widely selling to US and Europe.
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