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  • High flow pleated filter cartridges
    High Flow pleated filter cartridge with 6" diameter and different end caps, usual lengths are 40" and 60", absolute rated 0.5micron, 1micron, 5micron, 10micron, 20micron, 50micron and 100micron, it's used as high capacity sediment filter for desalination and industrial applications.
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  • PP pleated filter cartridge
    PP Pleated filter cartridge is made of PP membrane, supported and held by inner and outer cages, with absolute micron rates from 0.1 to 20 microns, usually for industrial, brewery and pharmaceutical processing filter systems
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  • PE/PP/Cellulose pleated filter cartridge
    Pleated filter cartridges jointed to rubber DOE gaskets, with 2.5" or 4.5" diameters, with or without net, usually for swimming pool water filtration or as sediment filter at POE end. Manufactured in China.
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  • Pleated polyester filter cartridge
    Pleated polyester filter cartridge is made of polyester media by pleating and joining the media to rubber gaskets, the inner core is made of ABS or PVC, with the end caps molded on both sides. The outer diameters is as wide as 197mm, with size options of 40, 90 and 170. Widely used for swimming pool and spa water filtration, pre-RO and other water filtration. 
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  • PTFE Pleated filter cartridge
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