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CTO Carbon Block Filter Cartridge

  • Carbon filter for water treatment
    Carbon water filter is a series of water treatment filter cartridge with black body, compatible with universal 10" and 20" filter housings, 2.5"x10", 2.5"x17" and 2.5"x20" in size.
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  • E series carbon block filter cartridge
    E series carbon block filter cartridge is made of NSF certified coal based carbon, the finest coal carbon from China, we can offer all the standard filter cartridge sizes 2.5”x10", 2.5"x20", 4.5"x10", 4.5"x20" and accept customized sizes, designed for drinking water filter systems.
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  • MK series carbon block filter cartridge
    Carbon block filter for industrial processing, particularly for plating industry. Standard sizes are 2.5"x10", 2.5"x20", 2.5"x30" and 2.5"x40".
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