MK series carbon block filter cartridge

Carbon block filter for industrial processing, particularly for plating industry. Standard sizes are 2.5"x10", 2.5"x20", 2.5"x30" and 2.5"x40".
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IND- industrial processing

This series of filters are designed to treat Non-food-related industrial processing water or liquids, it is suitable for specific industries such as electroplating and PCB processes.


• Select coal based granular activated carbon
• High efficiently bound by polyesthylene binder
• Eleminates organic pollutants, macromolecular contaminants
• Corrosion resistance
• EPDM gaskets
• All virgin raw material.

Technical data

Outer diameter: 67mm (2.638")
Inner diameter: 28mm(1.102")
Maximum temperature: 140°F (60°C)
Maximum flow rate per 10”: 1.06gpm (4L/min)
Maximum replacement Δp: 14.5psi (1.0bar)
Caution: Flush for 5 minutes before use. Do not exceed
the maximum flow rate to maintain sufficient contact time.


SF CTO H 20-10  MK1 
        A    B    C  D      E
SF Brand name
A Filter type- W= string wound, PP= melt blown, PPL= PP pleated, CTO= carbon block
B Cap type- B=PE cap + gasket, H=black rubber cap
C Length- 250= 250mm, 10=254mm, 20=508mm, 30=762mm
D Micron rates- blank=1micron, 10=10micorn
E Series- E=E series coal carbon, AK= AK series coconut carbon, MK=MK series for industrial use
F Efficiency- 8=80% and above, 8=90% and above
BB OD- BB=113.5mm, blank=65mm
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