Cotton string wound filter cartridge

Cotton string wound filter cartridges with high temperature nature, the yarn is degreased cotton or bleached cotton, the inner core is stainless steel or tin plate, usually for hot water and food oil processing like palm oil, soy oil and vinegar, etc.
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String wound filter cartridge consists of multi-hole frames wound closely with textile fibers. Diverse kinds of filtering precision can be achieved by controlling the winding density. As the outer bore diameter is larger than the inner one, the filter cartridges have a good deep-level filtering capability.  JP cotton series has straight multi-hole from surface to the inner core, which performance a maximum dirt holding capacity and lowest pressure drop. Because of its low impurity content and elevated temperature resistance, it's widely used in hot water filtration and food oil industries such as soy oil, palm oil vinegar filtration. 
Available sizes: 2.5"x10", 2.5"x20", 2.5"x30", 2.5"x40". 
Micron rates: 1micron, 5microns, 10microns, 25microns, 50microns, 100microns. 
Yarn material: cotton
Inner core material: SUS304 stainless steel, 201 stainless steel. 

• Through holes create real depth filtration
•  Higherflow and lower pressure loss
•  High dirt holding capacity and long service life.
•  Cotton or polyester yarn and ss core which bare higher temperature 

•  Dimension: Outer diameter Ø63±1mm Inner diameter Ø 28mm or Ø 30mm 
•  Maximum operating Pressure: 0.5MPa (72.5psi)
•  Maximum operating Temperature: Cotton 150℃(302℉), PE 130℃(266℉)


•  Cooking oil, palm oil, soy sauce (cotton or PE)
•  Organic solvents (cotton only)
•  Petroleum product (cotton only)
•  Other applications


The recommended flow for the filter cartridges in service is shown in the table (L/h for a 250㎜filter cartridge)
Micron Rate(μ m) Viscosity
1cs(water) 30cs 60cs 120cs 250cs
0.5 70 60 40 25 -
1 150 90 60 40 -
3 300 120 80 50 -
5 500 170 120 60 45
10 800 300 140 70 60
20 1100 540 220 100 95
30 1200 670 300 150 130
50 1200 880 440 180 160
75 1200 1200 690 230 200
100 1200 1200 750 270 220
1. The flow of each 250mm(10inch)filter cartridge should not exceed 1200 L/H (317G/H), otherwise its precision may be affected.
2. The flows shown in the above table are only the recommended values. The actual flow of the filter cartridge in service may change due to the liquid nature, temperature, the nature of the eliminated particles, the contents of the particles, etc.
3. It is recommended that a new filter cartridge used in the first time should work under a pressure drop of 0.1 - 0.3 bar (1.45 – 4.35psi ), while the final pressure drop for the filter cartridge exchange is set at 2.5 bar. For the filter cartridge whose precision is lower than 10μm, the pressure drop for the filter cartridge exchange had better be set at 1.0 -1.5 bar (14.5 – 21.8psi).





SF W 205 C 63 S 28 JP 
           A    B      C      D

SF Brand name
W Filter type- W= string wound, PP= melt blown, PPL= PP pleated, CTO= carbon block
A Length- 10/20/30/40, inches. 250/500/750/1000, mm.
B Rating- 0.5/1/3/5/10/25/50/75/100/150/200 microns
C Yarn material- P= polypropylene, C= cotton, PE= polyester, GF= glass fiber
C Outer diameter: 60/63/110/152 mm
S Inner core material- P= polypropylene, S= stainless steel, SUS202 or SUS304
D Inner diameter- 28/30/70/100mm
JP Series code- JP= JP series, HF= Hi Flow series
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