UDF/GAC filter cartridge

Granular carbon filter which is also called GAC or UDF.
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General info

Carbon Filter: Activated carbon, a porous substance with the strongest adsorption forces, has the highest volume of adsorbing porosity of any material known to mankind. By carbonization and activation, activated carbon can be made from many substances containing high carbon content such as coal, wood, bamboo and coconut shells. Superior activated carbon displays its performance by the features of specific surface area, adsorption capability, mechanical strength, thermal and chemical stability. Activated carbon filters are widely applied in industrial process and civil use as the most efficient method of removing odors, chlorine, volatile organic compounds (VOC) , colors, tastes and other contaminants from fluids

SF Filter's advantages

We can do various of tests to find the correct formula, remaining the highest effeciency and keep the competitive price on the same time with the UDF GAC filter China. Since 2020, all the granular activated carbon we're using are either imported directly from Indonesian manufactures who're also suppliers of big US and JP brands or from Jacobi China. 
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