CM series chloramine removal GAC cartridge

CM series GAC filter is made of catalytic activated carbon, it can remove chloramine and hydrogen sulfide from water effectively. It's also good at removing disinfection by-products such as chloroform and trihalomethanes (THMs).
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CM series UDF/GAC granular carbon filter is made of catalytic activated carbon, it removes chloramine and hydrogen sulfide effectively, also good at removal of disinfection by-product like chloroform and THMs. Suitable for areas using surface water as source water and chloramine as disinfectant. With its chloramine removal feature, this water filter provides protection to aquarium fishes. The sizes of this filter can be 2.5"x10", 2.5"x20", 4.5"x10" and 4.5"x20", compatible with universal standard filter housings. As a Chinese manufacturer, OEM customized sizes are available. 


• NSF Certified catalytic activated carbon
• High effect on chloramines, sulfide, chloroform and trihalomethane
• Low turbidity from carbon dust
• Rapid dechlorination 

Technical data

Maximum temperature: 140°F (60°C)
Maximum flow rate per 10”: 1.06gpm (4L/min)
Caution: Flush for 30 seconds before use. Do not exceed
the maximum flow rate to maintain sufficient contact time.


        A    C    G
SF Brand name (optional)
A Filter type- W= string wound, PP= melt blown, GAC=granular activated carbon, CTO= carbon block
B Cap type- B=PE cap + gasket, H=black rubber cap
C Length- 250= 250mm, 10=254mm, 20=508mm, 30=762mm
D Micron rates- blank= 5micron, 10=10micron
E Series- E=E series, NSF coal carbon, AK= AK series, NSF coconut carbon
F Efficiency- 8=80% and above, blank=90% and above.
G Additional information- CM= chloramine removal
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