AK series coconut shell carbon block filter cartridge

AK series CTO Carbon block filter made of NSF certified coconut carbons. All the coconut shell carbons is imported directly from NSF certified manufacturers, with standard size options of 2.5"x10", 2.5"x20", 4.5"x10", 4.5"x20" and customized sizes.
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This series of filters can be used for drinking, municipal, and industrial water and liquids filtration, it is designed for Direct-food-related applications, to treat the water intended for direct consumption (drinking and cooking). Since 2020, SF had been importing coconut shell activated carbons directly from manufacturers who're also suppliers of big US and JP brands. We can supply standard sizes such as 2.5"x10", 2.5"x20", 4.5"x10", 4.5"x20" and customized sizes with micron rated 1 micron, 5 microns and 10 microns. 


• NSF certified coconut based granular activated carbon, imported directly from manufacturer. 
• High efficiently bound by food grade binder
• 95% initial dechlorination, >10,000L @4L/min, 80% or greater free chlorine reduction.
• Long service life 
• Low pressure drop
• All virgin raw material

Technical data

Maximum temperature: 140°F (60°C)
Maximum flow rate per 10”: 1.06gpm (4L/min)
Maximum replacement Δp: 14.5psi (1.0bar)
Caution: Flush for 30 seconds before use. Do not exceed
the maximum flow rate to maintain sufficient contact time.


SF CTO B 250-10 AK -  BB 
        A    B    C  D      F
SF Brand name (optional)
A Filter type- W= string wound, PP= melt blown, PPL= PP pleated, CTO= carbon block
B Cap type- B=PE cap + gasket, H=black rubber cap
C Length- 250= 250mm, 10=254mm, 20=508mm, 30=762mm
D Micron rates- blank= 1micron, 10=10micron
E Series- E=E series NSF coal carbon, AK= AK series NSF coconut carbon
F Efficiency- 8=80% and above, blank=90% and above.
BB OD- BB=113.5mm/4.5“, blank=68mm/2.5”
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