4.5" CTO carbon block filter cartridge

Jumbo carbon block filter cartridge we usually see at POE end like basement and commercial water filters, to filter out chlorine for general use of a house. The sizes are usually 4.5"x10" and 4.5"x20", material options are NSF certified coconut carbon.
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  4.5" carbon block filters are usually used as commercial or whole house carbon filters, with larger diameter, higher carbon content and higher service flow rate. SF's 4.5" carbon blocks are like our 2.5" carbon blocks- made of high quality raw materials. Furthermore, with our experiences on sediment filters, we are making them with best seals, perfect dimensions and best pressure drop to meet different water conditions with adequate adsorbtion efficiency. SF manufacturers 4.5" carbon block filters of coconut shell activated carbon and NSF certified coal based activated carbon with 1micron, 5micron and 10microns. 

Sizes: 4.5"x10", 4.5"x20"
Micron rates: 1micron, 5microns, 10microns. 


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