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Recruiting new graduates with environmental science/chemistry degree

Required skills and qualifications,
1. College degree on Environmental Science or Chemistry, the job of our company is to improve water quality;
2. English skills, CET-6 or above. we need the candidates to be able to read/ write/ do research/learn and communicate in English;

3. Autocad skill, able to make drawings;

4. Learning ability, we need to learn/study material specifications in our daily work, and we'll participate courses and trainings programs for this industry to elevate our abilities;

5. Business travels, need to travel both domestic and abroad for exhibition/technical sessions and training programs,4-8 trips a year;

6. Indipendence, in many cases our people need to learn/work/travel and solve problems by themselves. 

Work to do, 
1. Quality control of our factories;

2. Improve the function of current product, develop new product;
3. Test samples and make reports;
4. Research, design, and apply quality standards for the production;
5. Apply new patents for the company;

6. Performe presentations in English and Chinese to customers and public sessions.
5. Assist the production manager on daily work. 

Ian Ma