Water Filter Bottle
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Water Filter Bottle
Capacity: 175L/2months
Volume: 585ml

This water filter bottle is made in the USA, currently we can deliver from the factory in California. The filter is made by us. 

·       Ergonomic design
·       Impact resistant
·       Easy change patented filter
·       Each filter can be used for 300 refills (175L)/2 months 
·       The filter improves taste, reduces odor, chlorine, organic contaminants and is bacteria resistant
·       Slightly alkaline, ionized and supercharged with the optional level of natural antioxidants as found in nature
·       Great flow rate makes it easy to drink
·       Large 3cm opening makes it easier to refill and clean the bottle - large enough to fit ice cubes through
·       Leak proof system
·       Fully attached cap protects mouth piece from exposure to dirt and germs
·       Sleekly designed mouth piece feels comfortable on the lips
·       Comfortable silicone grip
·       Fits easily into most cup holders
·       585ml capacity
·       BPA FREE - no bisphenol A
·       Recyclable

How the filter works

1)      Antibacterial technology provides bacteria resistance.
2)      A layer of 100% pure natural activated coconut carbon removes contaminants without stripping the water of its natural minerals.
3)      Rare natural volcanic minerals ionize, raise the antioxidant level and slightly alkalize the water.