High Flow Melt Blown Filter Cartridge
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Depth Melt-blown Filter Cartridge
Length: 254mm/250mm, 508mm/500mm, 762mm/750mm, 1016mm/1000mm
Filtering precision range: 1μ - 100μ
Outer diameter: 63±1mm
Inside diameter: 28/30mm
Material: pure pp granular
Packing: Carton & Poly bag


Depth melt-blown filter cartridge is made of pure polypropylene, by phase-in changes on the precision from inside to outside, it maximizes the dirt holding capacity and minimizes the pressure loss. Results in very long service time. 


♦ High Dirt Hoding Capacity
♦ 50% Lower Pressure Drop
♦ Long Service Life


♦  Water Treatment
♦  Corrosive Liquid Filtration
♦  Food Industrial


SF  PP 205 D 63 * 28  D
1     2    3    4 5  6      7    8    

1. Brand name
2. Filter type- W= string wound, PP= melt blown, PPL= PP pleated, CTO= carbon block
3. Length- 10/20/30/40, inches. 250/500/750/1000, mm.
4. Rating- 0.5/1/3/5/10/25/50/75/100/150/200/250/300 microns
5. D= diameter,  follow by diameters, outer diameter * inner diameter in mm
6. Outer diameter: 60/63/110/152 mm
7. Inner diameter: 28/30mm
8. W= weight
9. Weight- in grams
10. Additional info- C= pp inner core,  G= grooved/slotted, P= pressed/linded, BB= big blue
D= Depth