Our mission   Every Filter is Cool! - Not only do we make and sell filters, we believe we're giving them souls, and they'll help the people who they meet.
About Us
A filter manufacturer in China with 20+ years of experiences.
        SF Filter ® (ShuangFa Filter) is one of the earliest water filter manufacturer in China, established in 1991, specialized in filter cartridges and filtering equipment for drinking water treatment and industrial liquid filtration.  
         Our product includes String Wound Filter Cartridge, PP Melt Blown Filter Cartridge, Activated Carbon Filter Cartridge, Membrane Pleated Filter Cartridge, Filter System and Filter Housing, Filter Bag and Filter Media, High Flow Filter Cartridge, Bottle Filter, Fridge Filter, Gravity Filter etc.
        Our head office located in Guangzhou and have branch companies in Hong Kong, Shanghai (Kunshan) and Hebei.             Learn more